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/ We make them like this

Three generations of specialized manufacturing are the best guarantee of truly Made in Italy production.
Woman fashion style
Fashion sunglasses woman style
/Superior Quality
For design, materials, technology, comfort and functionality, with attention to the environment and sustainability.
Surgical steel frame

Non-deformable eyewear, with the frame made of memory steel, hypoallergenic and fully recyclable.
Patented locking of the temples

Unique functionality and design that allows you to clip on your glasses to have them with you at all times.
Adjustable nose pads

You can adjust both the width and the distance from the face of the nose-pads , adaptable to any physiognomy.
Nylon lenses

Flexibility and strength, to go along with the elasticity of the frame and to ensure maximum safety.
Opening for changing lenses

Designed to facilitate the fitting of corrective lenses as well, to be requested from the optician.
Natural rubber temples

For maximum comfort and to ensure the best grip, very useful to keep your glasses from slipping when you wear them.
/ you wear, but not just on the face

Product innovation in eyewear has reached new heights, defining a surprising and unique new category in the eyewear landscape. This revolution is emphasized by the presence of an exclusive patent that has resulted in an unprecedented eyewear closure. This ingeniously designed closure combines practicality and aesthetics in an extraordinary way.

These unique spectacles were designed with an eye toward practicality, overcoming the limitations of conventional clasps. The genius behind this innovation lies in finding a harmonious balance between form and function, creating an object that certainly wears, but not just on the face.

/Wearing these glasses means, not only experiencing a new level of comfort, but also taking a piece of Italian genius  with you wherever you go.
How to hang your glasses from your bag so you don't lose them.
/ Hanging glasses around the neck is not only a practical choice, but becomes a style and lifestyle statement. In a world where fashion and functionality are intertwined, glasses become a key accessory, turning their portability into a trend statement.
Gold glasses clipped to shirt pocket so they cannot fall out.

The solution, as simple as it is extraordinary, that allows the temples to be locked by overlapping them, with an intuitive gesture, using only two fingers.
Thus, the glasses can be hung on common fabrics, such as a T-shirt or shirt, solving the problem of keeping them on without losing or ruining them.
The patented closure of the temples, the result of multiple factors and exclusive design, guarantees efficiency in the new way of keeping glasses with oneself, with an all-Italian style, from idea to implementation.
Glasses that attach by closing the temples.
Thin and soft temples

Thin, soft-sheathed temples have minimal thickness, bringing comfort to the highest level. The rubber grip is functional for holding the glasses on the face but also for the tightness of closing the glasses when you clip them onto fabrics.

Laser marking

Details count, like laser-etched lettering, for indelible durability over time. Engraved on the frames are the Prensil logo, product code, fit size, CE mark and Made in Italy manufacturing origin.

Surgical steel

We use an alloy of steel and titanium for hypoallergenic properties and unparalleled elasticity. Prensil glasses are able to withstand extreme stress, thanks to the shape memory of surgical steel.
The elasticity of steel, unlike plastic, makes the glasses more durable in daily use, freedom of use and environmental friendliness.
Elastic and lightweight spectacle frames.

Nylon lenses

  • Low weight: about one-tenth the weight of the same volume of glass lenses and half the weight of traditional resin lenses.
  • Durable/flexible: greater impact resistance means greater safety. Because of their flexibility, nylon lenses provide the best impact resistance.  
  • Environmentally friendly: they can be recycled because the material is thermoset.
  • Scratch-resistant: they are more durable and harder to scratch than CR-39 or polycarbonate lenses, with excellent impact resistance.
  • Better optical performance: they have 70% better optical quality than polycarbonate lenses and have zero aberration value, which means perfect optical quality.

Anti-scratch sunglass lenses

3D Adjustment

The nose pads allow maximum adjustment, both for width across the nose and for distance from the face, accommodating all physiognomies and increasing comfort with an excellent fit.
The well-balanced frames are pleasant to wear, thanks in part to the minimal weight, averaging only 20 grams, with sunglass lenses.
3D adjustment of nose pad

Lens Replacement.

The fitting of prescription lenses or the eventual replacement of sunglass lenses is facilitated by the ability to open the frame. This way there is no risk of damaging either the lenses or the frame during fitting.
replace the lenses of glasses
/ Eyeglasses are part of the face, like a second skin, and when wearing them we want the best comfort and the lightest weight, so they don't feel on you.
Prensil glasses, with sunglass lenses, weigh an average of 20 grams, and we are proud of that.
The comfort of having lightweight glasses on.
glasses designed to improve
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