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/ Does perfection exist?

Prensil is an independent eyewear manufacturing brand, sunglasses and prescription glasses, innovative in functionality and technology. Prensil's models, sunglasses and eyeglasses, enjoy the exclusive patent that allows the temples to be clamped together, with a pincer effect, thus offering a world of possible uses, surprising and unexpected.

The ability to have glasses that stay closed solves the problem of losing glasses or seeing them fall off. Just think of when we hang our glasses around the neck of a T-shirt to understand the usefulness of being able to lock them on. Closing the temples, allows the glasses to be locked not only on the t-shirt or shirt but also on other objects, such as to a bag, or on the bicycle or other objects that the glasses can "hug."
The idea, for example, was born on a boat, where it happens often to take off the glasses and not know where to keep them. There, problem solved. In a moment, you close the temples and in a moment you open them again, always sure to find your glasses where you left them.
/ Nothing for granted

To be competitive in the eyewear market, which is pervaded by very similar models, we have examined all the critical points of frames, both prescription and sunglasses, to arrive at an excellent proposal, without taking anything for granted.

That's why we use a non-deformable material for the frames, more impact-resistant sunglass lenses, thin and soft temples with the best grip on the ears, and adjustable nose pads for every physiognomy.  The materials are 100 percent recyclable and the frames are lightweight.
The comfort, our point of pride, we cannot describe but anyone who wears them is thrilled.
/ As easy as crossing your arms

The closure of the glasses surprises with its functionality, simple and effective, achieved with the special patented design of the temples, which makes them unique.
We use an alloy of steel and titanium for the optimal hold of the glasses, to have non-deformable frames with maximum elasticity, thus ensuring the "spring" effect, with shape memory, that allows the temples to engage with each other, so that they remain closed. By forcing one rod underneath the other, they are held together, without the risk of deforming them, and with the opposite movement they are unlocked. As easy as crossing your arms!
Fashion pictures by Ralph Geiling
/ A point of reference

In a world where attention to detail and quality are crucial, these Made in Italy glasses emerge as a symbol of excellence. Their patent ensures that anyone who wears them will experience a perfect synergy between comfort and style, making this product innovation a benchmark in the eyewear industry.

Each shot is an attention-grabbing work of art
Photo Matteo Bertolio

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