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Prensil’s low impact policy was ensured first of all by the long duration of our products, achieved by the use of suitable high-quality materials, such as surgical steel and non-allergenic polyols for the frames, and recyclable nylon plastic for the sun lenses. Duration is also obtained by the possibility to easily replace for a professional the co-injected silicon nose pads to enhance further the glasses performance and wearing experience. All the above will guarantee to you a long life for your glasses, which is the first requirement to achieve a real sustainability, is obtained by their design, which fosters their comfortable and accurate use for the longest possible time.
While constituting a solid structure during their life, at end-of-life the maximum sustainability is ensured by the fact that glasses do not present any bonded and non-separable part, so that the materials to be disposed of can be separated and suitably recycled. This will ensure that our products enter as much as possible into a circular economy approach and their environmental impact is limited in the different phases of pre-production and materials selection, production by reducing scrap waste, prolonged and effective service, and sustainable end-of-life.          

Carlo Santulli
Associate professor at Università di Camerino
PhD, Materials Science and Engineering University of Liverpool


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