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Desert Paradise
"I've been there once"
한 번 다녀왔습니다

Prensil Eyewear, worn by very popular actors, in KBS’s TV series “Once Upon a Time”, the most popular channel in Korea, since March 28, 2020.

Desert Paradise
Desert Paradise

A presentation for Intima Media Group Magazines

Making of beachwear 2020 Photoshot
By Frank Zoppo -
Photographer Ralph Geiling -
Models Miriam R., Jessica B. and Yasmina K. -
Art Direction and Styling Beatrice Paola Ruffini and Iris Shneider
Make-up / Hair Adele Filtro
Eyewear Prensil -
Accessories 11 X Milano
Location Quarry Merkle Gmbh Gerhausen
locandina film 36 husbands
36 Husbands

Prensil eyeglasses could not miss among the protagonists of 36 Husbands, BBG’s seventh film. ( is a mystical musical comedy by Kung-Fu-spy with three powerful women – and a group of husbands.

What is it? Krista, a great spy and master of Kung Fu, has extraordinary powers and puts them into action in his quest to slow down the constant march towards World War III.Together with his Kung Fu disciples, Gina and Nola (and Frankie, a spy on loan from MI6), they fight and love to make their way around the world leaving a trail of broken hearts and sabotaged plans.All spies and villains are tuning in on the TV show Bright Blue Gorilla.Why are they looking at him?It’s the music, is it the comedy?Maybe you can figure it out!

locandina film l'uomo senza gravità
"The man without gravity"
Prensil eyeglasses are in Netflix’s film “The Man Without Gravity” directed by Marco Bonfanti.
“The director is clearly inspired by the lyrics of Italo Calvino, who he quotes openly also through his characters.As in Calvino’s tales, Bonfanti takes a typical premise of fairy tales and explores it in more human terms, digging into his innermost feelings.As a representative of a successful magical realism, the man without gravity strikes a good balance between fairytale fantasy and realistic depth." From an article by Roberta Loriga.

IMG.021 Kopie-rose-1.jpg
Shooting con Ralfh Geiling

Fantastic experience with RALFH Geiling, image wizard and established photographer in fashion and lifestyle. He worked with Prensil juxtaposing sunglasses with the beachwear of Emporio Armani, Parah, Pérèle.
locandina film Gli sdraiati con Claudio Bisio
At the cinema with Claudio Bisio

Prensil at the cinema, in the film “Gli sdraiati”, from Michele Serra’s homonymous book, directed by Francesca Archibugi.
locandina film Gli sdraiati con Claudio Bisio
locandina film Gli sdraiati con Claudio Bisio
On TV with “Un passo dal cielo 5”

Prensil on TV, in one of Rai’s most beloved fiction, with an exceptional cast including Serena Autieri, Daniele Liotti, Rocio Munoz Morales and Enrico Ianniello.
Fabrizia D’Ottavio directed by Hendrik Hwang

Passion, perfection and performance tie Prensil eyeglasses to Fabrizia, Olympic champion of rhythmic gymnastics.
Already protagonist of Panasonic, Freddy, Givì Lulù, Pupa Make up and Frette, Fabrizia is ambassador CONI and testimonial Unicef and Avis.

With Fabrizia we shot a video in Pescara’s Aurum, directed by Hendrik Hwang and Lorenzo Gobeo.

DSC_0031 (2)_01.jpg
Video with Maurizio Turchet

Maurizio Turchet, multimedia artist and communications consultant for industry, fashion, costume and design, has made an extraordinary video in which he tells about Prensil eyeglasses. Maurizio also composed music, as for this video, leaving no doubt about the mastery that distinguishes him.
Sequenza 03.00_00_22_14.Immagine005.jpg
Sequenza 03.00_00_24_14.Immagine006.jpg
Sequenza 03.00_00_27_17.Immagine007.jpg
Sequenza 03.00_01_34_12.Immagine015.jpg
Publication on INTIMA

The editorial staff of Intima France publishes an editorial on its own publication, coining a new concept associated with the Prensil patent:Les lunettes “prêt-à-clipser”.
Publication on OKO

Double full page on the insert of the leading eyewear magazine in Poland.
Publication on LINEA INTIMA

The Italian edition of Linea Intima unveils the new models P/E 2019.
Publication on VEDERE

Prensil eyeglasses published in the most important international eyewear magazine.
The article shows the innovative qualities of the collection with a definition that enhances the Prensil brand placing it among the protagonists of research and innovation.
 Prensil: the first “active” sunglasses.  
Publication on MIDO DAILY

Daily publication of the most interesting news of the Mido, edition 2017.
Publication on THE BEST OF INTIMA

Selection of Prensil eyeglasses, one of the most prestigious beachwear brands, on the European edition of “The Best of Intima”, in English.
Videos with Alessio Castagna

Alessio Castagna, a young photographer and director of Ventotenese, shoots and photographers for Prensil, in the Storia Berlin showroom and the art galleries Gallery Podbielski and Galerie Deschler Berlin.With the coordination of Beatrice Paola Ruffini (Styling & Art Direction) and models Leandro De Andrade, Assja Krüger and Julia Lipowsky, Alessio makes two rhythm videos on the music of Mr Gom & Luk Pugin and Giordano Marra.
Senza titolo-1-1.jpg
Locandina dell'evento di moda con gli occhiali Prensil.
Italia Festival Berlin

From 9 to 10 September 2017 the ItaliaFestival Berlin presents at URANIA the cultural variety of Italy that expresses itself through art, design, tourism and lifestyle, whose beauty at the time had not escaped even the German poet Goethe.
More than 50 exhibitors presented on four levels a wide range of products belonging to the best Italian tradition. Italian fashion, design, art, furniture, accessories and cars will be presented.

MIDO 2017

Birth of the brand and the first international exhibition of Prensil eyeglasses. The novelty of the patent for the closure of the temples has aroused enormous interest among the operators in the sector, for the technology, the design and the extraordinary fit of all the models in the collection.
Video interview on MIDO TV
Mido TV interviews Francesco Ruffini, designer and co-founder of the Prensil brand.

foto 5 (2).JPG
foto 5 (4).JPG
Business-to-business with ICE

B2b meeting of Italian companies of excellence in the eyewear sector, supported by the Ministry of Economic Development, with over 200 international journalists selected by ICE (agency for the promotion abroad and internationalisation of Italian companies) with buyers and international distributors.

Active glasses are born!
Prensil’s first “active” glasses:you can hang them to the bag, to the bike, to the t-shirt...

 Extreme practicality in the common use of glasses, which become prehensile.A solution for all and for all practical needs and dynamic life.
Born from the genius of Francesco Ruffini, architect, multifaceted and visionary designer, PRENSIL evolved into a start-up, with a world-priority patent that defines the interlocking modalities of the temples: once closed, they allow to hang the eyeglasses, taking advantage of the force of contrast of the temples themselves.  

  The first active glasses for sporty, dynamic and moving people.The glasses you didn't imagine, you can connect them wherever you want, to the bag, to the bike, to the t-shirt, to infinity!
© Prensil  |  All Rights Reserved
© Prensil  |  All Rights Reserved
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