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And you?
Where do you keep your glasses?

The glasses have always been closed but never locked, that is, if until today you could pull the temples together just to reduce the encumbrance, now, with a simple and intuitive gesture, a slight pressure, the temples come together, snap under each other and you can hook the glasses.
From “open object” to “closed object”, this is the difference of Prensil glasses, which opens new horizons, in line with the contemporary, agile and dynamic lifestyle.

Every circumstance in which you need to remove your glasses, especially sunglasses, is the right opportunity to take advantage of the “prensility” of the glasses, hooking them wherever you prefer, with surprising simplicity.

Design must combine form, material and function, so Prensil glasses have been conceived from scratch, revolutionising the way to have them with you: on the shirt, on the bag or on the bike. Usually you wear eyeglasses on your face and you don't care much about what happens next, that is, where they end up when you take them off. With Prensil eyeglasses, you can always find new ways of having them with you, not to lose them. They are undoubtedly made to protect your eyes, but at the same time, they are fashion accessories, in a complete look that gives freedom and room for interpretation. The eyeglasses are always part of the personality of the wearer and not just of the face: that’s what makes them unique.

The eyeglasses you didn't imagine

  Patented closure system of the temples: the exclusive design allows you to hook the eyeglasses to always have them with you.
  Surgical steel frame: you can scramble your eyeglasses because the frame is in shape memory steel, hypoallergenic and completely recyclable.
  Nylon lenses: flexible to support the elasticity of the frame and to ensure maximum safety.
  Nose pads adjustable on each nose: you can adjust both the width and the distance from the face, always perfect on every face.
  Temples with natural rubber sheath: for maximum comfort and to ensure maximum grip on fabrics. The minimum thickness is appreciated very much when wearing the eyeglasses under the helmet.
  Opening for change of lenses: designed to mount corrective lenses, upon request at the optician.

The new generation of lenses are made of nylon for safety and visibility at the highest levels. They are classified as “anti-deflagration” due to the resistance to breakage and the ability to always get back in shape, even after extreme stresses. Nylon lenses also have a much higher temperature resistance than normal lenses alone.

We do it like this: three generations of specialised manufacturing are the best guarantee of a truly Made in Italy production.
© Prensil  |  All Rights Reserved
© Prensil  |  All Rights Reserved
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