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The emphasis is on design, all Italian, with a personal style not eccentric, appreciated all over the world.The overall image, given by the chromatic range offered in the catalogue, clearly defines the target target for Prensil.Those who choose Prensil eyeglasses know the true meaning of the word design and can be defined as a collector of eyeglasses, who is always looking for a new and iconographic model to add to the collection but is also a customer attentive to the details and durability of what he buys.

The comfort of the fit is well balanced, for the reduced thicknesses, for the soft sheaths and for the adjustable nose pads, as well as for the imperceptible weight of about 20 grams.

The production, entirely Italian, despite being artisanal, is able to satisfy important volumes without losing the level of quality typical of “handmade”.

The eyeglasses have always been closed but never permanently, that is, if until today you could pull the temples together just to reduce the cumbersome, now, with a simple and intuitive gesture, a slight pressure, the temples come together, snap under each other and you can hook the eyeglasses.
The revolutionary closing mode opens the way to new ways of wearing eyeglasses, so not just on the face, just as a fashion accessory.

The patent is born from a new and intuitive idea, with exclusive worldwide and it is in Italy that, with an essential design and highly performing materials, without resorting to added bodies or mechanisms, the first “active” eyeglasses are made, as proclaimed by the international magazine Vedere, Edizioni Ariminium.

© Prensil  |  All Rights Reserved
© Prensil  |  All Rights Reserved
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