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Surgical steel eyeglasses, designed to last, light and flexible, shaped memory.

Nylon lenses, with more visibility, greater resistance to scratches, non-deformable.

Patented temples closure to keep the glasses closed and hook them on other objects or clothes.

Unique design and handmade production totally made in Italy.

 bit              steel  /  black  /  bronze  /  jungle  
 too               rose gold  /  black  /  light gold  
 fed            urban grey   
 nat            carbon   
 imy            black / bronze / indian red   
 hop                jungle  /  bronze  /  blu navy  /  light gold  
  joh                urban grey  
 up                black  /  blu navy  /  bronze  /  light gold  
 yle                indian red  /  bronze  /  black
© Prensil  |  All Rights Reserved
© Prensil  |  All Rights Reserved
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